20 miles. Every day.

A founder’s journey needs to be sustainble to achieve & maintain success.

20Mile Media Inc is based on the 20 mile march concept, first introduced by the author Jim Collins, in his book Great by Choice.

Jim tells a real-life story of two men who raced to reach the South Pole. One man, marched as much as he could on normal days and rested on rainy or extra-cold days. The other man maintained a pace of 20 miles per day. On nice days, instead of going longer, he would stop at 20 miles, conserving his energy for the worse days that would surely come. On bad days, he would push forward and still complete his 20 miles before stopping to rest. Over time, the second man’s discipline and consistency started to pay off. As time progressed, he continued to gain his lead, beating the first man to the South Pole by a matter of months.

Applying this concept to entrepreneurial life is what 20Mile is about. Through discipline and goal setting, entrepreneurs can build themselves and their company in a healthy and sustainable way.

Personal well-being is crucial for a startup’s health. Physical and mental health allow you to be truly present and focus on growth. Numerous 18-hour days and infinite empty cans of energy drinks lead to burnout and are not sustainable in the long run. Your body gets worn down, which leads to your health suffering, which leads to unproductivity, which leads to even more stress, which leads to other, worse conditions.

Building a startup is hard and the odds are against you. By staying disciplined and focused on your personal as well as company’s health, your march is more likely to lead to a positive, sustainable outcome.

Who are we? We are entrepreneurs engaged in our own march. With an interest in personal and professional sustainable growth, we strive to practice exactly that. Along the way our desire to share this mindset with others led to the creation of 20Mile.

Whether you are at mile 1, 32 or 467, we hope you find this website, podcast and resources valuable on your march.